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Petit Biscuit - We Were Young by Pierre Saba-Aris


Petit Biscuit says “We Were Young" tells the story of a love that is too innocent to exist. We wanted to transpose this symbolism through the melting of objects and of Marilyn Lima's character... all because of my presence. In the video, Rod Paradot plays out in his mind the memory of this almost imaginary love, one that disappears as the story goes on, until it doesn't exist anymore. Marilyn, Rod, and I are playing our wax-made alter-egos. I really liked the artistic universe that Pierre Saba-Aris, the director, had proposed to me—mixing together something dreamlike and intriguing.

  • Director

    Pierre Saba-Aris

  • Production


  • Starring

    Rod Paradot-BaquiéMarilyn Lima

  • DOP

    Julien Ramirez Hernan

  • Steadicamer

    Benjamin Fatras

  • 1st Assistant director

    Lola la Ragazza

  • Executive producers

    Yann BigayJf Wang

  • Producers assistant

    Anne Laboureau

  • Set design

    Paul DescoingsLucie Tescaro

  • Stylism

    Solene Richard

  • Make up

    Vincent de MonfreidClémence Halary

  • Hair

    Celine De Cruz

  • 1st OPV assistant

    Benjamin Cohenca

  • 2nd OPV assistant

    Coline Schneider

  • Gaffer

    Simon Petillon Chenitzer

  • Best boys

    Frederic ChevrierQuentin Pillet

  • Key grip

    Alexis Bud Bouladoux

  • Grip

    Charly Remigereau

  • Editing

    Mark Maborough

  • Colorist

    Vincent Amor

  • VFX


  • VFX supervisor

    Nicolas Martinez De la Fuente

  • Statue 3D model


  • Typography & Sound design

    Cedric Richer

  • PA / Secret weapons

    Denis PattynNessim Acimi aka Nessim HoodAntoine Aka-Big

Special thanks to bSHARP, Théâtre Jean Vilar -02 & City of Saint-Quentin RVZ & Cinesyl France