PANAMÆRA, a Paris-based creative studio with a focus on innovative cinematography founded in 2015, is based on four pillars, each bringing unique skills and distinctive visions to the alchemical process. Quentin, a director and photographer with a knack for creative lighting, who honed his skills in some of the best photography studios in Paris, working in deep collaboration on creative writing and directing with Cedric, whose expertise as an art director, motion graphic designer and skilled editor gives life to every single frame of the pieces they direct. Gary, whose ability to defy odds (and sometimes gravity) and creativity as a DOP and drone/camera operator made him an acknowledged director. And Yann who, in bringing everyone together, was fulfilling a dream conceived during his time in the music industry, working alongside some of the best-selling artists of the decade, both on the French and international music scene.

The gang starts strong by co-directing Kendrick Lamar’s short film God is Gangsta, described by USA Today as “so brilliant that it hurts”, while XXL magazine praised its “visuals, dense with meaning”. They travel to Los Angeles four months later, igniting an ongoing and highly fruitful collaboration with Top Dawg Entertainment. In France, they release, rapid-fire style, a series of music videos for established artists such as Mai Lan and Ben l’Oncle Soul, gathering critical accolades in the process. They also venture into the commercial field, creating campaigns, brand content and art for the likes of Balmain & Vogue, L’Oréal, Kobe Bryant (in partnership with Nike), Kendrick Lamar (with Reebok).

After three years of existence, the studio has worked with some of the best talent on both sides of the Atlantic and developed a distinctive style built on strikingly visual storytelling, propelled by strong – sometimes radical – art direction and photography. The meaning of PANAMÆRA’s quest was put in a nutshell by Unrated magazine, who described the young studio as “pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating dope visuals”.

PANAMÆRA is also developing its music and sync division: managing, publishing and producing artists. The studio relies on a strong network of talented producers and songwriters and focuses on developing a strong visual identity in close partnership with each artist.