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Mariah is part of the collective “Girls Do It Better”. Vogue US define them as « The new rulers of Parisian style » for a reason. The all-female Music, DJ and style collective could so easily start out like any other think piece on the improbable allure of the French woman. Taken with the “hardcore,” blinged-out fashion of hip-hop’s mid-’90s, they are bringing a new flavor to the French arrondissements, proving that, in the digital age, style truly crosses geographical and cultural borders. “We are all black women born in the ’90s, influenced by hip-hop culture. This lifestyle is their DNA. But their look isn’t all throwback—as they take care to emphasize, it’s more of a reinvention.
The ladies of Girls Do It Better came together throwing some of the most buzzed-about parties in Paris since the collective’s launch. While they are serious about fashion, the crew is just as adamant about paying homage to African culture in music, as well as holding onto their feminist, girl-power beliefs. Ticking off Princess Nokia, Erykah Badu, Viola Davis, and Amandla Stenberg as major influences, they explained, “The most important thing for them is to support all women ». A lot of music coming in 2017. Mariah is currently finalizing her first project. You don’t know what to expect ? We do.