#Producer #Songwriter

Newly named FAWN, he began his career producing the British singer Fe in 2011, then Yanis (previously known as ’Sliimy’), and most recently collaborated with a number of songwriters and topliners all over the worlds such as Mai Lan, Conrad Sewell who wrote Kygo’s Firestone hit, Boy Matthews, Corey Latif, Amy Allen, Mai Lan….
He worked in London with Future Cut (like Lilly Allen, Rihanna, Shakira…) and collaborated with Green United Music (Woodkid). He has scored for brands such as Giorgio Armani, Balmain…
He is now producing tracks for artists in the UK and in the US to be released soon and focuses on his own project to come out this year with very powerful tracks. Even if he has a wide spectrum of styles, the main terms to define his music are “Pop” and “Stadium”.